Information Science (2022-2023)

This document describes the course “Information Science” for the University of Antwerp Master of Digital Text Analysis.

Course details



Course Code


Study domain

Linguistics and Proficiency

Academic year



1st semester



Contract restrictions

No contract restriction

Language of instruction



Tom Deneire

Exam period

exam in the 1st semester

Course schedule

During the academic year 2022-2023, the course “Information Science” (1st semester) will take place on Fridays, from 9h30 to 12h30, in room S.K.102, from 21/11/2022 to 25/12/2022.

Course description

1. Prerequisites

At the start of this course the student should have acquired the following competences:

  • An academic background in the humanities (broadly speaking)

  • A good working knowledge of Python

  • Basic understanding of Git (not strictly required)

2. Learning outcomes

This course should provide a working knowledge of information science and information retrieval, with a special focus on data queries, text searching and library systems.

3. Course contents

For a detailed description, see Chapter 1: Welcome.

4. International dimension

5. Teaching method and planned learning activities

Each course will feature both theory and code review. Most courses will feature a code exercise, which will be introduced and discussed during the practical part of the course.

Model solutions will be made available in the repository with a few weeks delay.

6. Assessment method and criteria

The course assessment form is a so-called “open book” exam. This means that students can use whatever sources they want (including the course materials and the Internet) during the exam.

There will be two types of questions:

  1. Theoretical questions about key concepts in information science and the required reading

  2. Code exercises about the technologies introduced in the course

7. Study material

Study material will be provided in various forms (slides, Jupyter Notebooks, …) by the lecturer.

7.1. Required reading

For a detailed description, see Chapter 1: Welcome.

7.2. Optional reading

For a detailed description, see Chapter 1: Welcome.

8. Contact information

Dr. Tom Deneire Antwerp University Library Anet - Ve35.304 Venusstraat 35 2000 Antwerp